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Spanish flashcards work

I thought I did not have the gift to learn languages, until I have used flashcards as the base of my language learning.  I am an American that teaches and learns languages in Europe, including Spanish of course.

Have you ever thought you did not have the gift to learn languages? I am terrible with learning languages. This is what most people think also.

I have taught languages for many years, the issue is students take classes and learn Spanish grammar and phrases. This is hard and leads to frustration.

I believe in baby steps.  If you can download the important words of the language directly to your brain, then the grammar and phrases will follow once you are exposed to the language. What are the important words?

Verbs are the soul of the Spanish language

Most flashcards teach words like ‘carrort’ or ‘horse’, not too important in conversation.  Much more important are abstract Spanish verbs, because language by its nature is an abstraction.

What you need to learn Spanish is about 200 verbs, very well chosen verbs.  This can be done in about a week.  Once you have the verbs then concrete nouns are easy and you will pick up naturally.

However, I have met students of Spanish after a couple of years of study that do not even know 200 Spanish verbs.

Verb books do no good, as they do not test and retest you. This is why I prefer language flashcards.  Real physical cards, not something on the web. Something you hold in your hand and can take on a plan or train or in bed practice.

If you know only the verbs quite often you will be able to get the sense of the language.  You need to know the verbs and how to change them.  That is it.  That is a huge baby step.

My Spanish Flashcards

They are a work in progress, but write me at if you have interest.  They will be beautiful Spanish flashcards which will teach you the most important 200 verbs on beautifully hand drawn cards.  They will have conjugations on I, you and he/she. and sell for  $39.  They will basically be all you need to build your base for Spanish.

You do not need large programs or complicated books.  You need to learn fast and easily the most important verbs.

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