The United States of Florida

Florida can said to be a mirror of the USA in a way. For example, I live in St. Augustine Florida.  I say that I live in the New England of Florida. It is in the North East corner of the state and gets the coolest weather. It has four seasons and predominately hardwood, oak […]

Florida Language

Is Spanish important in Florida?

After almost a decade in Europe I just moved to St. Augustine, Florida. It is rich in Spanish history, culture and beautiful hanging Spanish moss. The purpose of this post is to answer the question is the Spanish language necessary if you live in Florida? It is a good question and something I had to […]


Spanish names for girls

Have you ever watched a Spanish movie or read a South American author? If so like you most likely thought many of the Spanish girls names beautiful. They have a musical quality that our crisp short English names do not have. Not that English names are bad, I have one, but for females melodious long […]

Culture Recipes

Mexican rice recipe

Rice is one the the easiest and cheapest things to cook.  When you do not know what to make for dinner you can always make a Mexican rice dish. Here is how. Mexican rice recipe Ingredients 3 cloves Garlic fresh chopped 1/3 cup of finely chopped Spanish white or yellow onions 1/2  Bell pepper 1/3 […]


How to write in Spanish

If you want to learn how to write in the Spanish language, I have a free tool that will help. It is actually a Firefox add-on.  It will improve your writing style, grammar and spelling. It gives you advice as you write. This goes beyond simply spell check. It helps you clarify and improve word […]


Eggplant recipe

The purpose of this post is to describe my thoughts on Spanish cooking and tell you my favorite Spanish recipe, that is a Spanish eggplant recipe. Now if you get a recipe from me it will be modified to be healthy. I am a pretty fit guy and want to keep it that way. I […]


Spanish olive oil

The purpose of this post is to recommend why I recommend Spanish olive oil. If you like me, do not have a great income and love olive oil for health and taste reasons, then you will find this post of value.  However, I need your feedback on Spanish olive oil as I may be partial. […]


Regular verbs in Spanish

The purpose of the post is to explain regular verbs in Spanish. Irregular verbs do not follow a pattern, regular Hispanic verbs do. At the end of this lesson I have a game! Try it, it is word search it will help lock in what you have learned. I make professional Spanish verb flashcards which […]

Grammar Language

Spanish definite and indefinite articles

In Spanish there are definite articles and indefinite articles.  In this post I will go over Spanish articles and their use. When to use articles in Spanish Think about the English grammar rules on articles and they are basically the same in the Hispanic language. You do not use articles in Spanish when you are […]

Language Words

Hispanic vegetables

This post is about Hispanic vegetables.  I am not going to translate these into Spanish as there is really no need.  If they are not readily understood you will learn them the second you get to Mexico or Latin America.  Maybe in another lesson I will have drills on these veggies. Here is a little […]