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Is Spanish important in Florida?

After almost a decade in Europe I just moved to St. Augustine, Florida. It is rich in Spanish history, culture and beautiful hanging Spanish moss. The purpose of this post is to answer the question is the Spanish language necessary if you live in Florida? It is a good question and something I had to discover for myself.

Learn Spanish Florida
Spanish moss from the trees of St. Augustine, Florida, which was once New Spain for 350 years

After many trials and travels we  moved to St. Augustine, Florida and settle and ready to get back into online empire building like a blogging conquistador in the new world. Now I will have time to write about my passions. Ok back to the linguistic question.

The short answer is ninguno, but the reality is your life will be so much richer if you know some Spanish while living or visiting Florida. What is your excuse, not to get off your duff?

One thing I learned as a foreigner in Europe was that English is the magic language that will get you in the door anywhere you live. However, if you speak the local language, even with gross, hideous mistakes you will get more respect. Do you not like it when a foreigner speaks English? Even the accent sounds good. My wife is from another country and I love to hear her speak, it does not lose its charm after many years.

If you are in Florida and can speak some Spanish you are in the club.

Why Floridians should drop the attitude about learning the Spanish language

Florida was part of New Spain since 1565  with St. Augustine being the oldest European city in the USA.  In 1845 the USA took over Florida ending 300 years of Spanish governance. So for Americans to say ‘they should learn English’, yes Hispanic people would be wise to, but you should learn Spanish. The USA has no official language for a reason. Democracy is a representation of the people, not the government imposing culture on the people. What if we are 90% Spanish in the future, does that mean ‘they’ still have to speak English? Look at Argentina, a nation of Northern European, who have embraced Spanish culture. I believe when in Rome do as the Romans.

Spanish can help you in the SunShine State

  • Even a basic knowledge of Spanish will help you if you are in any position where you have contact with the public
  • You will be aware that just as many people speak Spanish as English as native speakers in the world and it will open your doors to a world you never imagined.
  • If you are single you can date a hot Spanish girl for example, or a s guy fall in love with an exotic Latin. I know scores of people who have done both and as someone who married someone from another country I recommend it.
  • Companies pay more to Spanish bilingual employees
  • You do not need a high level of fluency to add value, but a moderate knowledge, I have noticed this about language learning, unlike calculus the benefits are seen immediately.
  • You can press 2 on customer service
  • You can shop in the Spanish food section
  • You can travel to the other half of the world
  • Miami and South Florida becomes a lot more accessible to you
  • It is fun.

Can you think of any other reasons why to learn the Spanish language if you live or visit Florida?


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Danny Rosabalsays:

Dispite all this ..

We should had our language official in the State..

Spanish is Florida’s culture and we speak it ever since our founding father Ponce De Leon came around, the founding fathers of the 13 colonies is not our founding father..

Spanish should be re-officialed or officialized

We are a Hispanic State and forever will we be Hispanic

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