Spanish words clothing

Spanish word list for clothing

If you want to learn Spanish words for clothing I created a nice little flashcard page where you can practice words for clothes in Spain or Latin America.  It is not really a flashcard page but more a Spanish quiz on clothing words.

Spanish words for clothes
Spanish words clothes

My recommendation is copy this basic Spanish vocabulary list to notepad and print it out.

backpack = mochila
coat = abrigo
overcoat = abrigo
blouse = blusa
bag = bolsa
handbag = bolso
boots = botas
sock = calcetín
shoe = calzado
shirt = camisa
shirt = camisa
jacket = chaqueta
belt = cinturón
shorts = cortos
skirt = falda
raincoat = impermeable
jeans = jeans
pullover = jersey
pants = pantalones
slacks = pantalones
trousers = pantalones
pajamas = pijama
clothes = ropa
sweatshirt = sudadera
sweater = suéter
suit = traje
swimsuit = traje de bano
dress = vestido
sneakers = zapatillas de deporte

Next walk around with it all day and practice.  At the end of the the day see how many you can get right with my online Spanish words quiz below.

Keep trying until you know them by heart.  Learning a language is a lot of memorization.

Learn Spanish words for clothing

The Hispanic language has more in depth words then the listed here and maybe more words connected with fashion than English.  Here of course is a basic vocabulary list and some not so fashionable code to make something to help you learn.  Practice these words before you go to school or try to speak in Spain.

Spanish language words about clothing

  1. backpack
  2. coat
  3. overcoat
  4. blouse
  5. bag
  6. handbag
  7. boots
  8. sock
  9. shoe
  10. shirt
  11. shirt
  12. jacket
  13. belt
  14. shorts
  15. skirt
  16. raincoat
  17. jeans
  18. pullover
  19. pants
  20. slacks
  21. trousers
  22. pajamas
  23. clothes
  24. sweatshirt
  25. sweater
  26. suit
  27. swimsuit
  28. dress
  29. sneakers

Vocabulary and a language

I would say about 80% of a language at first is learning new vocabulary and this comes not through magic but blood sweat and tears.  I will be adding more free more online lists for learning Spanish online.

I am not a native Speaker of Spanish but rather a beginning student. So it I make any mistakes please correct me and leave comments.

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