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This is the start of my course to learn Spanish online. It is a work in progress so there is really nothing here yet on this page, however, explore my site and you see the start.

  1. Spanish lessons
  2. Spanish words
  3. Spanish grammar
  4. Spanish conversation

Learn Spanish online

There are two ways to use this free learn Spanish online course. The first way is to go through the lessons and exercises systematically and progressively.

The second way is to just jump in where you like. I tend to do the latter, however, I think the former is more effective.

To learn Spanish you need to train your brain, like working out but easier in my opinion. The way only way you can train your brain is through drills and exercises. Learning to speak a language is about putting your brain through a series of drills that will challenge your neurons to grow.

The purpose of my learn Spanish online course is to do just that. That is to twist and stretch your Wernicki and Broca’s area of your brain, by pumping neurons.

This will teach you Spanish but are great memory and exercises for your brain. That being said have fun with it. I have tried to make it not too complicated or scary. Just some a good way to practice your Spanish online

Spanish lessons

Here will be my lessons in Spanish, its a work in progress:

Spanish pronunciation

Spanish accents

Spanish regular verbs

Spanish words

Learning Spanish words will always be the base for your language learning. It is beyond me why some people start with grammar or other complicated things when they learning a language. Learning grammar initially is way too complex. You need to build a base. This is why words are your first step on your journey.

Many people believed they don’t have the gift to learn a language. I teach languages. I am horrible with languages. however,the reason I believe anybody can learn and language is by observed this in my teaching. the people who study Spanish learn, while people who do not only complain about not having to get to learn a language. this is what I thought at first. I bought some of my students were lazy.

However the truth was they didn’t have the correct method to learn a language. The way you learn Spanish or any other language is you learn the words first. You might have to learn about 5,000 words. But once you have those words then you alone the language. Therefore, it becomes more in memory thing.

This is good news actually. If you think you have a poor memory think again. you don’t know how to train your language part of your brain. But see language learning is no harder than simple flash cards or drills.

If you want to learn Spanish use language learning flash cards. This is because memory is more of a retrieval problem Dane eight formation problem.

Spanish grammar

Why this Spanish Grammar presentation is different?

The purpose of this page is to give a concise overview of Spanish grammar. This site is different from the other language sites on the web. Why is it different and why is it of value to you? Because it is a drill based presentation of Spanish grammar.

The Spanish language by its nature is active. Therefore, table and charts are of little value unless they are accompanied by drills. Further, these drills need to presented in a logically progressive way. This is a free online logically progressive drill based presentation on Spanish grammar. I hope it will be some use to you.

What is Spanish grammar?

Spanish grammar is the story of how words have relationships with other words. It is all about relationships whether in life or in language.

Can you speak Spanish without knowing grammar?

Yes you can. I have communicated perfectly fine without any grammar. That is knowing Spanish words and speaking them with an English grammatical construction. This statement will make school teachers cringe but its true. You do not need Spanish grammar to understand or to be understood in the language. However, you will get some funny looks sometimes.

However, if you think of grammar as the relationship words have to each other, and you think of how you want the relationships in your life to be peaceful and harmonious, then, this will work as a nice little metaphor to inspire you to learn Spanish grammar.

Parts of Spanish grammar

Spanish conversation

This will have Spanish conversation lessons.

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