Spanish names for girls

Have you ever watched a Spanish movie or read a South American author? If so like you most likely thought many of the Spanish girls names beautiful. They have a musical quality that our crisp short English names do not have. Not that English names are bad, I have one, but for females melodious long names that end in a vowel I personally like. If you are considering a baby name for your girl do not be afraid to give her an exotic Spanish or Hispanic girl baby name.

I have a daughter who is American and European and of course I prefer the fairy-tale sounding European name than the short English equivalent. So even if you are not Spanish, I think it is fine to name your child with a Mediterranean or Latina name . After all, all Romantic languages are a derivative of Latin.

The names usually share a commonality with other Latin and Romantic cultures, however, some are different because of the influences of preexisting cultures in the regions.

How is my list of Female Spanish names list is different?

I have created a Spanish girls names list which I personally like.  These include Spain other areas of influence and Mexican girl baby names. I took a lot of times to purify this list and eliminate duplicates and spelling errors or ones that did not make sense.  I tried to make this the most complete list possible.  There are well over 1000 girl names from Spain and Latin American on this list. Further, I give it to you on one page. Many websites make your scroll though like 50 pages to see the whole list. I want one list, I can print and and just go through.

I recommend you print this list off and create narrow it down with pen and paper, you can not make decisions like this online. I like the old fashion method. Sit on a hill with a list with your Husband or wife on a nice day.  Select the ones you think sound the prettiest and ask God to help you.

Spanish girls who are dancing in a traditional performance

Spanish girl names

Here is a list I created, it is a download so you can just unzip it and print it. I have it in a plain text file bellow:

Spanish girl names

Another idea is if you are in Latin America or Spain go to an towns old Registro Civil (Civil Registry) and see how names have changed. I went to my ancestors Church records once and saw all kind of interesting names. There were many old Christian names that are not use today.

Catalan names and Basque names for women differ– There are similaries but it is a different universe. Just soemthing to be aware of.

Official names in your passport must be all English letters. – Therefore, Special Spanish charaters or alphabetacial marks are eliminated. However, if you want to have those on your child’s offcial name this is OK. They can be Baptisted and recorded any way you like, but the passport name might be slightly different. At least for me I had to drop a Polish letter and change it to the English alpahbet for my daughter on her passport. Not something to worry about and does not affect the legality of anything.

Why I have excluded the meaning of the names

I decided to leave out the traditional meanings of the names. Why? because if you are choosing a name choose something that sounds good to your ear. Choose something that you personally love. Not something that means this or that, because they all mean something nice, like goodness or purity. It is better to choose a name because you just intuitively love it and then later discover the meaning.

I wanted to remove the clutter and noise and have a purity of sound decide what is best for you. I believe words are energy, like all the universe.

Further, sometimes there is not always an agreement on the meaning, they have like three meanings, therefore look at the rhythm of the name, how it feels to you. I am a spiritual person  (Catholic) and do like the idea that names are based on Saints or have some historical significance, but I keep coming back to what resonates with you the best. Not some name based on a historic book or figure, which is fine, but first consider the purity of the word before the meaning and the meaning will be like aha, this is why I choose this Spanish baby name. I remember in the old days you had to choose Catholic name from a list of registration for your child, now the church does not care and you can baptize your child with anything that is meaningful to you.

What is your criteria for choosing a baby name?

As stated above I think:

  • The name should resonate with you, not on what your mother or father or friends think or the origin of the first name or meaning in some book or translation.  I think the greatest way you can respect your parents is by living your own life. They will have their opinions but do not let them sway you. Each generation will choose a new set of names and a new generation will have the most popular and less common names by what is in the collective unconsciousness and personally is important to you. I could tell you in my own family how this went, but it is better you learn are OK with this.
  • You should ask God to help you choose the baby of your baby. I firmly believe this is important. I believe in praying for your child before they are born.
  • Keep on looking and going over it, if you can not think of a name for your baby, do not worry, put it aside for a while and forget about it. Your preferences will change sometimes.
  • What if you can not make a decision as to what is the best name for your daughter? Remember in life there is not such thing as a wrong decision. The main thing is no stress. Some people do not have their name in mine until after the baby is born and they seen the baby for a while No stress, do not yield to the pressure of people around you.

I would be curious about what names you think are the best. I personally like old names and uncommon ones. I am curious how you choose this name and what you based it on. Were you reading a book and the character had a name? Was it based on the name day of a saint on the day the baby was born? Was it a family name? I think the best baby names for girls in Spanish are the ones you just like.

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