Why learn Spanish

Why learn the Spanish language

Spanish is spoken by 370 million people world wide by some estimates and 500 million if your include non native speakers. Learning Spanish will open door and almost rivals English as a business language.

Reasons to learn Spanish

  • Spanish is the official language of Spain and its overseas provinces.
  • Many beautiful Spanish girls.
  • Not a good reason to learn but to impress your friends.
  • To improve your brain function by expanding neuron flexibility.
  • It is also the official language of 18 Latin American republics and part of Puerto Rico.
  • Learning is fun.
  • You can read books in Spain.
  • You can read on the Spanish Internet.
  • Many people in the United States speak Spanish, especially in Florida and the Southwest.
  • You can choose with to press 1 or 2 when waiting for customer service in the USA.
  • Another reason to learn is you can learn the tango and understand the lyrics of Spanish language songs.
  • Why not.
  • Many funny Spanish language comics and cartons.
  • Youtube Spanish is another world than the English language Youtube.
  • Understand Ricky Ricardo.
  • Why learn Spanish? To watch Spanish language films
  • Altogether, about 160,000,000 people speak the language.
  • Spanish is the most widely used romance language. The Spanish spoken in Spain (Madrid for example) is often called Castilian Spanish. Hispanic or Latin American is spoken in the Americas in places like Mexico.
  • If you have more reasons please let me know.

The Spanish used in Latin America is known as American Spanish or Hispanic. However, High schools in the United States started offering Spanish as a foreign language as far back as 1930.

Most U.S. students, however, take Spanish in High School just to get a credit and don’t really try to learn to speak it, this is my opinion.

What this video, and you will see what I mean about

Why learn Spanish

The Spanish language developed from Latin about 200 B.C. Of course, it has been influenced by the results of wars over the years to its present state.

Most of the Spanish speaking people in the United States are from Mexico and Colombia, South America.

The Colombians claim their dialect is closer to the original Spanish language. So, what’s the big deal about Spanish? I think the language is beautiful. But, why do so many manufacturers of products we now use include instructions and labels written in Spanish and English?

Here is the answer.

It’s because there are more than 30,000,000 Spanish-speaking people now living in the U.S. The Hispanics work, pay taxes and buy products like Americans do.

Certainly, for Americans learning Spanish has no downside. These are a few reasons for learning the Spanish language.

Learning a language – from why to how

Learn a language with Learnfast-Learn the Spanish language efficiently.

I think the most effective way to study a language is to get a lot of vocabulary into your brain. Not reading a dictionary but use language flashcards. If you use flashcards to study the language then you can test what you know and what you do not know over and over again. If you decide to take classes in a school then you will be better then most anyone in your class just by virtue of vocabulary and after that the grammar will be easier. Let me know what you think of my how and why to learn Spanish.

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Why learn Spanish

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