How to write in Spanish

If you want to learn how to write in the Spanish language, I have a free tool that will help. It is actually a Firefox add-on.  It will improve your writing style, grammar and spelling. It gives you advice as you write. This goes beyond simply spell check. It helps you clarify and improve word usage.

Write in Spanish by installing  it and then configure it for proof reading in Spanish.

Set proof reading options for writing in Spanish

It does not differentiate between European and Latin American Hispanic writing but it does give you want you need.

A writing coach in the Hispanic language

The reason I am such a big fan of this tool is I am a teacher and I also study languages. I believe you can learn by reading, speaking and writing.  However, writing is the most difficult.  I have often questioned can anyone really teach you how to write in any language.  My general philosophy is yes, because everyone is creative and can put their creativity on paper. Therefore being a good writer is really a study in how to clarify ideas, so others can understand you. This is where the free tool After the Deadline come in.

It corrects you real-time as you write so you become conscious of your mistakes. It explains why you made the mistake so you might not make it again. It can not help you if you do not know one word of Spanish. But it can help you if have a base, but need to learn Spanish grammar . It will explain your mistakes from a linguistic style or grammatical point of view and therefore teaches you to write in Spanish.

Skip the lessons on how to become a Spanish writer and just try this free online tool.  Like Morpheus might say, “stop thinking yourself a Spanish writer and be a Spanish writer”. Let me know your experiences or any other pieces of technology you use to improve your writing skills.

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