Spanish Firefox addons

What is the best tool for Firefox is you are learning Spanish? Are you learning Spanish?  Here is a tool you can get from Firefox by Peter Carroll that will help you, not only learn Spanish but give you the ability to type Spanish accents and special characters without messing with your Windows language setting and learning their locations on your keyboard.

Here is a Spanish Firefox addon. Barra de Español is a Firefox toolbar people who are studying  the Spanish language. This is the best and only Spanish language Firefox add on or extension you will really ever need.

Not only does it have character support but it has references to news and native language online Spanish site. I think the programmer did a good job with it as it is non-commercial and user friendly.  I dislike using something only to find it is a tool for marketing rather than learning.  This is not the case with this Spanish Firefox tool.  It is mostly educational and a little fun.

Spanish language add-on for Firefox

These are the functions for this tool:

  • Handles Spanish special characters and accents
  • Has a dictionary
  • Spanish TV sites
  • Useful Spanish language sites

I think the best thing is it allows you to type in Spanish those funny Spanish letters.  I use Spanish accents haphazardly but if you can set this add-ons, which is free from the Mozilla site you can make it more of a habit, to use Spanish characters.

Why I use Firefox addons for language learning

I am a big fan of Firefox as it is fast and you can do everything online without having to install 20 software programs.  Rather you have some very light add-ons and this increases your productivity.

One lesson I learned from Using Firefox add-ons, do not use every Firefox extension and add-on you can find and download and install it, or at least do not have them activated as this will slow down  your browser. You can disable them until you need them.

Sure there are all these translator tools and dictionary tools and other Spanish language tools, but you do not need all that.  What you need is this.  One good tool to use for your Firefox browser that will enhance but not over whelm your browsing experience. That being said:

Here are a couple more if you want to experiment with some more.

Another Spanish language add on you might want to consider.  It is a Spanish dictionary.

Firefox Spanish dictionary -Straight forward add-on that give you an online Spanish language dictionary.

Hispanic language search with Firefox – This allows you to search the world (not just a country) in the Spanish language without changing your browser default settings.

Just install the ones you will use in the next week.  If there is one you might use simply deactivate it and when you need it activate it.  I try to keep everything on my computer light and lean.   I un-install most programs and just keep the basics.

Spanish language online

I sometimes browse the web with the Spanish language as my default.  Using seeing thinks like ‘file’ or ‘edit’ in Spanish helps.   You might be frustrated for a while but its not a bad way to get a few more Spanish words in you brain by surfing the web with Firefox set to Spanish.

Let me know if surfing the web in Spanish helps you learn Spanish, or if you have any other ideas regarding Spanish Firefox add-ons.

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