Spanish fruit – Pomegrantes

The Spanish word for Pomegrante is actually the same as in English.  It is Pomegrante. The Spanish word for fruit is frutas. The purpose of this post is to tell you why Spanish pomegrantes are my favorite fruit and why they might be important to you, beyond learning that they have the same name ins Spanish and English.

Spanish pomegrante – my favorite fruit

The best fruit that comes from Spain are pomegranates. I am an American living in Europe, and one of the first things I noticed after I moved to Europe was the fruit comes from different places, of course. I had to locate different sources for fruit and even changed my diet a little as the foods that are common here in the EU are different.

I had to determine which countries had the best fruit for the quality and price.  When I lived in the United States fruits came from California, Mexico, and South America. I felt the best quality fruit was from CA or locally.

However fruits in Europe come mostly from Spain. Which brings me to my favorite from Spain and that is the pomegranate .

Spanish pomegranate fruits are the cheapest

When in season pomegranates cost as little as twenty cents per pomegranate. In season however pomegranates can run as high as three or four dollars a pomegranate.

Spanish pomegrante fruit

You can get Pomegranates from Turkey or the Middle East, however, these pomegranates tend to be your premium pomegranate in terms of price. Therefore, I usually only buy Spanish pomegranates.

The Spanish pomegranates however are usually smaller than Turkish or Middle Eastern pomegranates. However I trust Spanish EU quality. I know that Spain is part of the EU and they abide by farming regulations.  In addition  Spanish farming as hires standards for cleanliness. A friend of mine got very sick from Middle Eastern fruit, perhaps it was the water.  He has some parasite and lost a good 50 lbs before he fully recovered.  Therefore, I trust Latina fruit more.

How the Spanish pomegranate became my favorite fruit

The pomegranate is an interesting fruit. My initial interest in the pomegranate was not from a pure taste standpoint, but rather because of the health benefits.

I do not want to repeat all the health benefits connected with pomegranates, You can find such claims all over the Internet. I think they have a very high level of antioxidants not normally found in other fruits.  It is unlike any other fruit, the reason I know, read my story.

Rather I want to convey my personal experience with fresh homemade Hispanic pomegranate juice. That is these Asian apples from Spain really helped my headaches.For many years I had horrible head pain from a brain lesion that would no go away until I started to by accident drink Pomegranate juice from Israel.  Next I discovered, the Ones from the fruits from the lands between Madrid and the mediterranean were cheaper than Israel.  I drank and drank until my headaches were gone.

In fact, it was the only thing that helped my headaches after many years of trying it everything from natural to modern medicine.  I think pomegranates not only had a natural painkiller like blueberries, they also have some healing properties.  After drinking pomegranate juice for many years might headaches at almost all gone away, with out having to drink it all the time.  I have even made pomegranate wine.

My Spanish Pomegranate fruit recipes

My pomegranate recipes are fairly simple. I drink pomegranate straight, or with orange or lemon, and sometimes I mixing with honey. I generally do not like sweet things but a little sugar added does not hurt as it can be a bitter fruit.

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