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How many Americans live in Mexico

The purpose of this post is to answer the question how many Americans are living in Mexico?
There are 111 million people in Mexico.  There are about 130,000 legal US residents  in Mexico who permanently live there. However, there are about 1/2 million more who just live there without a legal status.

Visas take a little bit of work to get.  They are not impossible at all.  I think they are easy, however, it takes work and most people are too lazy to go through the steps. I got an EU citizenship and if I can do that then you can get a visa to live as an American legally in Mexico if you want.

Public square Mexico city 1869 - Americans who love history love living in Mexico

Why are there Americans living in Mexico

Why?  I am an American and I do not live in the USA.  I love American but not to live there.  Life is an adventure.

Living in warm sunny Mexico is about the fraction of the price of living in the USA.  Further many guys marry Mexican women as they are in general more beautiful and loving with better values.  However, on the downside about one American a week dies in Mexico, from some unfortunate circumstance.

The nature in Mexico is unbelievable.  I am not just talking about the weather but the animal and plant life.  Mexico is like going to another planet. It has such rich biodiversity that living there will feel nothing like earth, that is the USA.  I think Mexico is a great place for Americans to live.  That is why so many Americans live in Mexico. Stop watching the discovery channel and take a trip to Mexico. I have never herd of anyone not enjoying there stay in Mexico.

One  of my friends from Europe lives in Mexico and is married.  He likes it there very much.  He is an outdoor enthusiast and spends hours a day hiking in the forest and jungles. He is learning Spanish and loving life.

I am an American that lives in Krakow, Poland.  I find it much cheaper and more reasonable lifestyle the living in Boston.  Life of an ex pat has some downside but very few if you are into adventure or cerebral activities like learning a language, rather than getting the big piece of cheese.

Therefore, if you ever considered becoming an ex pat in Mexico I would recommend it as long as you set your self up in a safe way.

Living in Mexico you can expect to at least double your standard of living. If you like to shop in open markets, and go native you will quadruple your income and lifestyle.  The key is to retain your US income while living abroad. If you need a big fat corporation to plug into then you will not do well living in a foreign country as an American.

American girl living abroad – what a joke

I knew this one American girl who was a professor and got a chance to learn a language and live down there, south of the boarder.  However, after three years the only way she would ever get around is with a cab. She never walked anywhere or ventured out. In my opinion what a waste of a three year adventure.

Learning Spanish in Mexico

Is it OK to learn Spanish in Mexico? I think so if you go to a school and stay on the school grounds.  However, if you are wandering around Mexico city at night partying, good luck to you. I think Mexico city is a lawless city because the good citizens can not keep the gang violence at bay.

Similar if you go on vacation to Mexico you can stay at the resort and be relatively safe.  Or if you go on a guided tour.  But if you are just wandering off on your own, I do not know if it safe.

Mexican visas for Americans who want to live in Mexico

Visa requirements are basically a FM3 Rentista so you do not have to drive over the boarder every six months.

FM2 this is also a good visa to have.  It is basically like a green card and can be converted to a Mexican citizenship with time.

You can drive across the boarder every six months but there is no guarantee the boarder officers will keep allowing you to do this.

Let me know if you have any other ideas or views on life in Mexico as an American expat. I am into Spanish culture as well as Latin American culture including Mexico and I am curious about other people’s experiences.

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I have many Mexican friends in Mexico City; however I stayed in Mexico during the sixties; in those days it was very safe. You could party at night and take a bus back home at any hour. I wouldnt want to live there now due to the pollution and the crime.

I did travel all over Mexico by air, bus, and train. I wouldn’t do it now; I speak Spanish fluently but the crime is to great in Mexico along with many other Hispanic countries south of our border.

My new love is Asia, I have traveled extensively there with my Hispanic wife. I especially like South Asia and China.


Mark Biernatsays:

Mexico is cheap (because of the currency) and close for Americans but you have a very good point pollution and crime are an issue outside the tourist resorts. I have friends that live there as well as friends that travel to Mexico and never had a problem, but in the big cities I think like all cities there are places you can go and places you can not.
Where in Asia do you go?

I would love to live in Mexico for sometime,but the crime scene scares me. I’m from Puerto Rico, we have a lot of problems here as well, but compare to Mexico is not as bad. However, I do have American friends living in Guadalajara and Mexico City that have been there for years and swear is not as bad as they (the media mainly) make it seem. Will see!

Mark Biernatsays:

If you are living a normal life in Mexico and stay out of trouble and away from bad crime areas, it is fine. This is my opinion. The country is basically catholic and the people are good. However, there is crime connected with the inner city and trade in substances that are not legal. If you stay away from this and walking though the big cities at night, I think it is a media exaggeration. My friend lives there and he likes it.

Luis Gonzalezsays:

I was born in Mexico but I lived my whole life in the US. I came back as soon as I turned 18 because of the race problems and resentment sponsored by politicians and the media. I miss it sometimes but I like it here better.

Mark Biernatsays:

It is too bad when Politicians stir up so many negative emotions to try to influence people and get votes either in Mexico or America.

I am thinking of marrying a Mexican man and living with his family in Mexico City. I hear good and bad and I am just wondering if the Americans that you know that live there, have had any problems, and how long have they lived there and do they live in normal neighborhoods or upscale/rich neighborhoods. thanks

Mark Biernatsays:

I know Europeans living in Mexico and go to Mexico city and they say it is fine. But if and only if you stay in the right areas, as with any big city. I am a foofy American, I would research it more. I mean I am a Bostonian and moved to Poland and everyone thought I was nuts. But 7 years latter I love it still. But Poland is a safe peaceful EU country.
Also consider the pollution factor. It is different than the states, I am moving out of my city because of this.
But Mexico city does have warm weather which I think is great and a lot of nice things to do and see. Do more research. If you can let me know what you decide as I am curious.
Marrying someone from another country is a great experience. I did and am thankful everyday.

Omar Olverasays:

That is a great report Mark.
Thanks for sharing good comments of Mexico because nowadays everybody is freak out about the crime and pollution. So Insecure does exist in every part of the world and not only in Mexico as they think. Finally, I am pretty sure that if the people who is thinking about this problems, will definitely change their mind as soon as they come and see it.

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