Spanish accounting words

Spanish accounting words

Whether your in Spain or Mexico the language of accounting is basically the same. If you can earn a half dozen important words, it is a good start. You need to know the basics like ‘income’ and ‘bill’, these are high frequency words.

Spanish words accounting
Spanish words accounting

Believe it or not I am actually an accountant, or I once was. Spanish accounting words are fun for me, I wanted a huge dictionary like translation and database but I refrained myself and gave you a few under the idea that less is more.  This is because some people, I do not know why, find finance boring.

Hispanic word list for accountancy

Here are the words you can start learning.  Print the list, maybe after you copy it to notepad and study them for about a day.

Wordlist for Spanish accounting vocabulary

audit = auditoría
bill = billete
income = ingresos
invoice = factura
revenue = ingresos
sum = importe

Quiz for these financial vocabulary

Language learning is about using the words. Take my quiz and if you get 100% move to my next business list.

  1. audit
  2. bill
  3. income
  4. invoice
  5. revenue
  6. sum

This basic Spanish accounting word list, is only a beginning. Look at my other words connected with business and it will give you a more complete picture.

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