Spanish words vegetables

Hispanic words vegetables

Why are Spanish vegetables important even if you do not live in Madrid?  I am an American living in Eastern Europe and we get a lot of vegetables from Spain, like the USA gets a lot of veggies and produce from Mexico.

If you have all these imported tomatoes and foods from Spain or Mexico then know how to cook and name them in the original language, it is fun.

I love Spanish food. If you know a few vocabulary words without the help of a dictionary or translator you can look up recipes online and cook Spanish vegetarian food from authentic Spanish or Mexican website.

Spanish word list of vegetables

Latino Language word list for veggies

What I recommend is copy this list to notepad and print it.  Put it in your pocket and then take about a day to memorizes it.  Learn it on the bus or train to work in the kitchen in the market and by the end of the day you will know a few words in a new language.

  1. broccoli = brócoli
  2. cabbage = col
  3. carrot = zanahoria
  4. cauliflower = col coliflor
  5. celery = apio
  6. chile = chile
  7. clove = diente
  8. cucumber = pepino
  9. eggplant = berenjena
  10. garlic = all
  11. ginger = jengibre
  12. leek = puerro
  13. lettuce = lechuga
  14. mushrooms = champinones
  15. onion = cebolla
  16. pea = guisante
  17. pepper = pimiento
  18. potato = patata
  19. pumpkin = calabaza
  20. spinach = espinacas
  21. squash = calabacín
  22. tomato = tomate
  23. turnip = nabo
  24. zucchini = calabacín

Latina vocabulary exercises

The reason I put a lot of innocent tests on my language sites is memory is a retraction not a retention problem.  Once it is in your brain, the memory is formed, you just have trouble bringing it out.  If you say ‘that is right’  or ‘aha now I remember’, that means the word is in your language center of your brain, it just needs help.  This is why take a quiz will help get you speaking Spanish words fast.  So do this exercise until you get 100%.

  1. broccoli
  2. cabbage
  3. carrot
  4. cauliflower
  5. celery
  6. chile
  7. clove
  8. cucumber
  9. eggplant
  10. garlic
  11. ginger
  12. leek
  13. lettuce
  14. mushrooms
  15. onion
  16. pea
  17. pepper
  18. potato
  19. pumpkin
  20. spinach
  21. squash
  22. tomato
  23. turnip
  24. zucchini

Rememberall the nightshades like Potatoes and Tomatoes were brought to Europe by the Spanish from Peru etc. Spain  and Latin America contributed a lot to American and European diet.

Spanish vegetable words

I also make Spanish flashcards if you really want to learn Spanish. These are visual physical cards with a focus on verbs not concrete nouns. Concrete nouns are easy but verbs are the soul and the Spanish language. Let me know if you have other vegetables vocabulary that belong on this word list.

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