Spanish fruit words

Spanish words fruit

Who would not want to learn Spanish fruit words? Spanish is an important language and fruit is good for you. So learning Spanish fruit words has to be great for you, right? The purpose of this post is to teach you some fruit words you can use in Spain or Latin America and talk generally about fruit and language learning. I hope you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Spanish fruit words
Spanish fruit words

Health benefits of fruits

Fruit cleans your body, while vegetable rebuilds your cells. There are people who only live on fruits and even those who only live on fruits (fruitarians)that have already fallen (I guess they can survive as the fruit contains many small insects or bugs and this gives them some protein). If you want to live long eat less, not a restrictive fruit diet. In my mind this is crazy. But doing a fruit fast once in a while is good.

Spanish fruit

Further, fruits and extracts of fruits have things that protect your cells from free radical damage. The skin of fruit contains anti oxidants and flavonoids, such as grape skin and even grape seeds.

Its better than drinking wine.

There is a ‘theory of nature’s signatures’ which says red and blue fruits are good for the blood and veins as nature has left this clue for people to interpret. There is a whole school of thought about this that dates back to the ancient Greeks. What we know about grapes (Muscat grapes are the best) it shows us that there is a kernel of truth (pun intended) in a lot of ancient knowledge.

Spanish oranges

I live in Europe and most European fruit in the winter is from Spain. Like in America the fruit is from Mexico. However, I tend to think EU quality has higher quality, as they have restrictions on GMO and level of pesticides etc.

Mexican Fruit is usually from large commercial industrial farms. Since I live in Europe I pick most of my own fruit and make preserves for the winter.

Fruits found in Spain

In Spain there is found every type of fruit as Spain and around Madrid as a very mild climate. The growing season is great. The are getting a lot of EU money and the local farms and orchards are becoming even more productive with irrigation.

The sun makes fruit sweet. What I love is not Pomegranates are coming from Spain. These trees yield fruit only once every two years and the only source before was the Middle East. Now I can buy 1 pomegranate for about fifty cents in season.

The most common fruit is grapes and maybe peaches coming from Spain. Spanish oranges also but they grow better in a more tropical climate like Florida or Africa.

Spanish fruit word list

Word list of fruits for the Spanish language

Copy and paste this list into notepad or MS word and just print out this pure list. Fold it up and put it in your pocket and absorb the knowledge. Take it out several times a day. The way to learn Spanish fruit words is simply memorizes them. I teach and learn languages and there is no magic trick. To learn you have to memorizes words.

  1. apple = manzana
  2. apricot = albaricoque
  3. avocado = aguacate
  4. banana = plátano
  5. blackberry = mora
  6. cherry = cereza
  7. clementine = clementina
  8. fruit = fruta
  9. grapes = uva
  10. lemon = limón
  11. mandarin = mandarina
  12. melon = melón
  13. nectarine = nectarina
  14. olive = oliva
  15. orange = naranja
  16. peach = melocotón
  17. pear = pera
  18. plum = ciruela
  19. prune = ciruela
  20. raspberry = frambuesa
  21. strawberry = fresa
  22. tomato = tomate
  23. watermelon = sandía

Hispanic vocabulary quiz on fruits

Language is a reflex. You need to know it my heart to pull it out when needed.

  1. apple
  2. apricot
  3. avocado
  4. banana
  5. blackberry
  6. cherry
  7. clementine
  8. fruit
  9. grapes
  10. lemon
  11. mandarin
  12. melon
  13. nectarine
  14. olive
  15. orange
  16. peach
  17. pear
  18. plum
  19. prune
  20. raspberry
  21. strawberry
  22. tomato
  23. watermelon

Fruits are easy to learn. They are concrete nouns and very colorful and appeal to the senses: smell, taste, feel, look. This makes learning them easier as it is multi sensory learning. Learn these words for fun.

I also have a Spanish flashcard series coming out. Verbs are the soul a a language, while learning concrete nouns are easy.

My Spanish flashcards will give you a sensory filled experience as they are hand drawn illustrations on real cards. Not some computer photo of an apple. But a beautiful image on a real card. Try my Spanish language flashcards.

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