Spanish words economic

Spanish Economic words

I have a master’s degree in Economics, however, I am learning Spanish.  Economics is ever where, in the news to office water cooler chat. If you learn my Spanish economics word list you will be one step ahead of the game when it comes to understand news and everyday conversation.

To learn a language is really about learning the words that are the most important first. Economic vocabulary is certainly right up there.

Spanish Economic word list

Spanish vocabulary with terms connected with the economy

Print this list, I use notepad for pretty much everything, and study it on the tram at work in the bath, whatever it takes to know these Spanish language economic words by heart.

1. bank note = billete
2. capitalism = capitalismo
3. capitalist = capitalista
4. CPI = IPC
5. deficit = déficit
6. disposable income = ingresos disponibles
7. economic = económico
8. economic growth = crecimiento económico
9. economic viability = viabilidad económica
10. economical = barato
11. economist = economista
12. economize = reducir los gastos
13. economy = economía
14. exchange rate = tipo de cambio
15. IMF = FMI
16. market stability = equilibrio del mercado
17. per capita income = renta per cápita
18. recession = recesión
19. spending power = poder adquisitivo
20. subsidy = subvención
21. tax payer = contribuyente
22. to subsidize = subvenciona
23. wealth = riqueza

Quiz for Hispanic Economic words

Next take my quiz for this vocabulary list and only go to the next word list if you have one hundred percent.

  1. bank note
  2. capitalism
  3. capitalist
  4. CPI
  5. deficit
  6. disposable income
  7. economic
  8. economic growth
  9. economic viability
  10. economical
  11. economist
  12. economize
  13. economy
  14. exchange rate
  15. IMF
  16. market stability
  17. per capita income
  18. recession
  19. spending power
  20. subsidy
  21. tax payer
  22. to subsidize
  23. wealth

If you see any addition or subtractions to my list of Spanish economic terms, let me know.

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