Spanish words personal finance

Spanish words personal finance

These are a few words that will keep your personal money matters in order while in Spain or Latin America.

My personal views on spending and saving is this.

  • I never ever take credit. If I can not afford something I do not buy it.
  • I do not buy junky things, better not to have it then bring junk into your house or buy a few good quality things then many low quality.
  • Always thank God for what you have.
  • Focus more on earning money in an honest way then trying to beat the system. I believe every person has the ability to make crazy amounts of money, they just have to find their niche.

This Spanish word list is pretty basic, but it supplements other word lists in Spanish connected to money.

Hispanic money word list

Simply print this list out and study it for a day.  In the evening quiz yourself with the quiz I create below.

cash machine = cajero automático
check book = talonario
credit card = tarjeta de crédito
mortgage = hipoteca
net = net
nickel = (moneda de) 5 centavos
PIN = número secreto
PIN number = número secreto
price = precio
purchase = compra
take-home pay = salario neto
to mortgage = hipotecar
to pay = pagar
to purchase = comprar
to refinance = refinanciar
to reimburse = reembolsar
to remortgage = refinanciar
to spend = gastar
to squander = dilapidar
wealthy = rico

Spanish quiz on personal finance words

Keep taking this Spanish vocabulary exercise until you get a perfect score, it is only twenty words. If you get one wrong, start again and make yourself pay for your mistake, pun intended.

  1. cash machine
  2. check book
  3. credit card
  4. mortgage
  5. net
  6. nickel
  7. PIN
  8. PIN number
  9. price
  10. purchase
  11. take-home pay
  12. to mortgage
  13. to pay
  14. to purchase
  15. to refinance
  16. to reimburse
  17. to remortgage
  18. to spend
  19. to squander
  20. wealthy

If you see any mistakes, additions or subtractions let me know as I am not a native Spanish language speaker but only a student like you, that also teaches.

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