Spanish words investing

Spanish words for investing

The Latin American stock markets are considered emerging markets, while in Spain the  Madrid market is a mature Euro market, however, whichever market you are investing in know this Spanish language words if you want to be on top financially and linguistically.

Spanish word list for investing
Spanish word list for investing

I am not a native speaker in Spanish so please feel to make comments for improvement to my Spanish investing word list.

Hispanic investment word list

Copy this list to notepad and carry it around with you in your front pocket for one day.  Learning word lists is a simple effective way to learn a language. Do not over intelectualizes language learning.  You need to memorizes words so start with my investing word list in Spanish.

1. fluctuation = fluctuación
2. fund = fondo
3. gain = ganancia
4. investment = inversión
5. rate = tipo
6. return = rendimiento / declaración
7. share = acción
8. shareholder = accionista
9. stock exchange = bolsa
10. stock market = bolsa
11. to decrease = para disminuir
12. to fluctuate = fluctuar
13. to quote = cotizar
14. to rise = encarecerse
15. value = valor
16. venture capital = capital de riesgo

Quiz for stock market

Test what you have learned but do not move on to the next word list until you are at one-hundred percent, because it is better to learn a few Spanish words well then a lot which you will not be able to pull out when you want to speak.

  1. fluctuation
  2. fund
  3. gain
  4. investment
  5. rate
  6. return
  7. share
  8. shareholder
  9. stock exchange
  10. stock market
  11. to decrease
  12. to fluctuate
  13. to quote
  14. to rise
  15. value
  16. venture capital

Please add any more Spanish financial investing words you think needs to be included.

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