Spanish good-bye

Spanish for good-bye

Spanish good-bye is adiós. However, the purpose of this post is not simply to tell you how to say good-bye in Spanish, it will explain different ways you can say this, both formally and informally and teach you the subtle differences in word usage.

I am an American living in Europe and I think it is very hard to feel the subtle word and phrases difference, and you can certainly not learn this in a dictionary or a phrase book, but rather it is games by just using the languages. I personally think falling in love is the best way to achieve this, but that does not happen too often, so your going to have to learn it the hard way, with practice.

I will also give you some etymology and in my opinion it helps you remember the words better. Last, I will give a small vocabulary quiz on the phrases you have learned. So here are some basic phrases you can use in Madrid to Mexico.

Spanish good-bye is adiós or chao

Informal  good bye in Spanish

nos vemos – see you (friendly and informal Spanish good-bye).
chao – bye
hasta luego – see you later (hasta means until)
hasta ahora -in a bit
hasta mañana – until tomorrow
nos vemos – see you
me la pasé bien – I had a good time
que te vaya bien – have a good time
ya me despido – it is time to say good-bye
que te cuides – take care
me voy – I am leaving now. (see how leaving is like the word voyage in English).
nos divertimos mucho – it was fun
adiós – goodbye

Formal  good bye in Spanish

Me dio mucho gusto conocerlo – it was nice to meet you (to man)
Me dio mucho gusto conocerla – it was nice to meet you (to a woman)
gracias por todo – thank you for everything
ya me despido – I need to say good-bye

Etymology of Latino good bye

I am a big fan of using etymology to learn Spanish. Why can this help you with the Hispanic? Because Spanish and English have a large commonality of vocabulary with a historical connection. When you can understand the why, then the what is easy. If you understand how a word is similar to English you make a connection to your native languages. This is a huge step in learning a language.

Adios is Spanish for good-bye. This literally means to (a) God (Dios). It is similar to Good-bye in English which means God be with ye. So if you want to say good bye in Spanish just say Adios amigios, which means bye friends.

If you say Ciao this is Good-bye in Italian I think this is universally known. However, you can say this in any in Latina also like chau. The Hispanic language like Italian is a derivative of the Latin language.

Vision or visual and sound like and is connected with vista in Spanish. Vista in Spanish means to see or sight. So another easy way to remember for Spanish good-bye is, as te terminator said Hasta la vista is until we see each other again.

Spanish good-bye phrases quiz

  1. nos vemos
  2. chao
  3. hasta luego
  4. hasta ahora
  5. hasta mañana
  6. nos vemos
  7. me la pasé bien
  8. que te vaya bien
  9. ya me despido
  10. que te cuides
  11. me voy
  12. nos divertimos mucho
  13. adiós
  14. Me dio mucho gusto conocerlo
  15. Me dio mucho gusto conocerla
  16. gracias por todo
  17. ya me despido

I am trying to build a good resource to learn the Spanish language. Please if you have any ideas let me know.  I think the Spanish vocabulary quizzes are useful, but if you can think of anything else, comment below.

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Candace Wallacesays:

Me La pasé bien Hasta Luego

Candace Wallacesays:

Me La pasé bien Adiós

Wes Brewersays:

Another informal and quick way to say “so long” in Spanish is “que te cuides” which means “take care” or literally “that you take care”.

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