Spanish legs

Spanish word for legs

How do you say legs in Spanish? This Spanish language body part is las piernas.

Long Spanish legs
Long Spanish legs

This post will discuss how to learn Spanish body parts, including Spanish legs and other phrases that use words connected to legs.

Teaching kids Spanish words like legs

I personally think learning body parts and words and vocabulary connected with this is a great way to start teaching kids the Spanish language or any language. Why? These are concrete nouns, which are easy for kids to relate to.

You can demonstrate these things like your head, shoulders, knees and toes and of course legs in Spanish. On the other hand,  picture dictionaries are only flat abstract pictures. Children need real things to learn Spanish. Kids like dinosaurs because they are concrete and large.  This is why starting with easy concrete  large vocabulary like “Spanish legs” and other words are the best.

For example, I have a daughter and when I am sitting with her on the kitchen floor and my wife is cooking and there is no TV or computer or books at arms reach, I start teaching basic body parts. I ask her,  ‘where is my leg’ or arm or head etc is. Next, I teach ‘your legs’ and  ‘my legs’ or ‘mama’s legs’ etc. In fact, legs are one of the first things she learned. Next if you show your kids YouTube with videos about Spanish body parts such as Spanish legs and are proactive during this lesson you will make further connections. Ask them where are the legs in Spanish while they are watching a video.

Be a teacher. This means be proactive and do not just assume kids will learn to speak. They will of course but if you are proactive with teaching them either a foreign language or your native language then they will latter appreciate what you have done for them. Me I would love more kids to learn Spanish.

Long Spanish legs

Now most people looking for Spanish legs online are really looking for Spanish women with long Spanish legs and found my language site by accident. This is ok for me, as anything to get people interested in languages. I think to fall in love is the best way to learn a language.

Therefore, I will give something for these visitors.  Below is a list of things that might be useful to guys who want to chat up some Spanish girls.

I live in Europe but I am an American and love Hispanic and Latin language and culture.  I see many guys travel to exotic places not just to learn languages, but to meet their mate in Madrid, Spain or Bueous Aries, Argentina.

Spanish legs phrases with the words legs in them

  • You have beautiful legs – tiene hermosas piernas -also use this for Spanish legs you like – yo quito taco bell
  • What is on your leg? – ¿Qué tiene en la pierna
  • I like Spanish girls with long legs – Me gustan las chicas españolas con las piernas largas
  • Cover your legs before you go to church – Cubrir las piernas antes de ir a la iglesia
  • Get your hands off my beautiful long Spanish legs  – Saca tus manos de mi bella piernas largas español
  • My legs are tired – Mis piernas están cansadas
  • Touch my leg –tocar mi pierna

I am not a native speaker so let me know about anything that could e changed. Also please let me know if you can think of anything to add to my Spanish legs post as I am trying to build quality but also fun resource for those who want to learn the Spanish language.

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