Learning Spanish makes you thin and attractive

Why is learning Spanish is better than going to the gym and will make you thin and attractive?

My argument is that you will get in better shape learning Spanish than joining a gym. Let me explain.

Learning Spanish makes you thin and attractive

I know you think my thesis that learning Spanish makes you thin and attractive is just an attention getter. But listen up, it is not. It is true.

Think of it this way, who would be more interesting for you to meet if you could?  Mozart or Mozart’s muscles muscle head neighbor? Mental muscle is more interesting than physical muscle. I think most would agree on this point.

Who is not impressed by someone who is bilingual? Even though the point of learning the Spanish language is not about impressing think of the following idea.

Imagine how cool you could be if you and your girlfriend were in Mexico and she did not know you spoke Spanish. Then suddenly you started negotiating in the market in Spanish with a fruit seller. She would be blown away.

I think you can see were this is going, learning Spanish does impress even if that is not your intent.

Learn Spanish and be thin

Here is an interesting fact.  If you learn Spanish, then you will use it and travel more often. You will start to travel to Latin America, Argentina, Mexico, Spain. With all this travel, even if you travel on a shoe string budget; or, should I say especially if you travel on a back packers budget, you will get into shape. Look at this traveler below and argue with me on that point.  I dare you.

learning Spanish will make you thin and attractive

Here are some ways that learning Spanish will make you thin, and beautiful


  • Spanish food – is healthy and more vegetarian, bean based which is low on the glycemic index.
  • In Spanish speaking counties – you will be walking, not driving everywhere like in America.
  • Spanish nightlife make you thin – I am American, but cultural life in the USA not great. While in contrast in Spanish and South America I have danced the night away, without drinking anything but bottled water. Further I find myself walking back at seven in the morning, only to do it again the next day.  Compare that with twenty minutes on a stationary bike at the gym. I would say the Spanish dancing nightlife lifestyle beats any American gym for fitness.
  • When I am in Latin America – the pounds just somehow seem to melt off, maybe its the weather.
  • Holographic Spanish – When you are around thinner people, such as in Latin America and Spain, you will start to take note of thin people. When you see these people that are much thinner, your body starts to reprogram and take the shape of those in your environment. Perhaps your brains creates a new holographic model of the way a human body should look and your body starts to respond. This is speculative but I think there is some truth to this.
  • Spanish has a cool factor – Using your brain is no different than going to the gym, but less painful. The more you flex your mental muscle the more conditioned it gets. However, the good news is the effects last a life time. Further, my online learn Spanish course is free and you can do it anywhere, while a gym costs. Lastly if you teach yourself Spanish you will increase your attractiveness more than if you have a perfectly gym honed body.
  • Learning Spanish burns calories – This is true, your brain is your most vital organ and the more you use it the more glucose it burns and the more energy it consumes. If you were to put a pet scan on your brain while learning Spanish it would light up like a Christmas tree. Thinking is exercise. I first noted this when I saw how many of my old economic professors were thin and healthy, why my old gym coaches over the years put on the weight. Thinking is the hardest exercises there is that is why so few people do it. But if you do it with a purpose and a mission like learning Spanish then you will lose weight.
  • Spanish in bed burns calories – I do not want to go into this as it is not that kind of website, but read between the lines, or between the sheets if the case might be.
  • Spanish music gets your heart pumping, this it is clear.

Can you think of other ways in which learning Spanish might help you be attractive and fit? If so leave a reply.

4 replies on “Learning Spanish makes you thin and attractive”

then wouldnt everyone in mexico and spain be thin?

I was born in and lived a long time in mexico. . .

I agree speaking burns a lot of calories, and spaniard and mexican life styles are quite different than US ones. Spanish does require more muscle movements to enunciate than english. But unless you are moving to a spanish speaking country, immersing yourself in the culture and speaking non-stop your thesis makes little sense

Mark Biernatsays:

It is funny but true. As a teacher who speaks a lot I am pretty thin. 🙂

oh, and we drink in mexico

a lot

of beer!

Ok I would agree. Learning spanish “as a second language” burns a lot of calories. And trying to keep up with the Spanish-students life style can keep anyone fit.

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