Learn Spanish to make money

Learn Spanish and make money

If you learn Spanish you will be helping your business career and yourself in making money. This is another radical statement, but it is true.

There are many studies that confirm that Spanish will help your career. Spanish will help you in business if you are an entrepreneur or if you are a careerist.

Spanish will help your small business

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a owning your own business. Even if you do not own your own business you can extrapolate from this model. Spanish is about as popular as English in the world. If you learn Spanish you can double your customer base. With about a half a billion Spanish speakers how can you go wrong?

Even if you are not fluent in Spanish, that does not matter, all you need is a basic level of conversation to improve your business reach.

Lets get specific. I have several websites. When I add even one foreign language page, my websites traffic increases based on these foreign language words. Even this page gets Spanish visitors who have been searching for Spanish phases. Therefore, for small businesses or large, if you simply offer your products in another language you will expand your customer base.

Spanish America and business

Let’s be honest, America will eventually be a Spanish speaking country, social demographic studies think this will happen before the next century. However, before then there are many states like Nevada and New Mexico where Spanish is already the majority.

I am not saying this is good or bad, but it is the reality. I personally an language neutral, meaning I do not worry or care about such large demographic changes, I just think in terms of my own personal life. For me, this translates into, if I want to do business in the future, I need to learn Spanish to stay competitive.

Languages you can use no matter where you are or what your profession. I have a master’s in Economics but if I went back in time I think I would study languages. I am horrible with languages, however, it does not matter, anyone can learn a language, just like anyone can get in shape. If you learn a language it will help your profession. Studies show this, there are so many I will not even have to point them out. If your a bilingual manager and you have Spanish people on your team, wow.

You do not need to be fluent to make money with Spanish

One thing I noticed about at languages from my travels is you don’t need to know the whole language. What you need to do is learn are the word’s that are connected to your situation. You need to know how to communicate with people about what you were buying or selling. However, you would not need to know how to communicate in Spanish about physics or even sports, unless that you what you are selling.

Learning to speak Spanish for business is just not about speaking Spanish. languages are about relationships. When you can speak another language in automatically have a connection with another person. Even if your language is not perfect.

However on the other and just because you speak Spanish doesn’t mean you will do well in business. The key is to create something of value and offer it to the widest range of people you possibly can.

Learn Spanish to increase your ideas on making money

Another, reason why Spanish is good for your business is it will increase year to Brain to different ideas in cultures. When you increase your exposure to ‘different ideas’, your mind expands, you become more creative, you think of things you wouldn’t have thought about before. he one who succeeds in business is the person with the most creativity. Believe me, I have had my own business for a while, and its creativity, that sells its new ideas new ways to see the world, new ways to market yourself. This is what learning Spanish will do for you. It is the best investment you will ever make.

Spanish as a tax write off for your business

Further, if you have your own business and can make a reasonable case for learning Spanish as business training, your efforts are can be put on your schedule c as an expense of your business, as long as it is real a provable with a receipt. I am not an expert but ask your accountant and I am sure that if you have a real reason your Spanish lessons or resources or flashcards are deductible and will not only add to your bottom line from the income side but from the expense side also. Spanish is an investment better than the stock markets. I know money is a dirty word and not any reason to do anything in life.  However, money is useful in this life and if you are doing something honest and with passion, why not?

Is there any reason you should not learn Spanish to make money?

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