My first trip to Puerto Rico

Why I went to Puerto Rico

I am from cold and snowy new England.  However when I was a consultant I had the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico.  And it was the middle of January it was below zero and I was on a plane to the island of Puerto Rico.

When the plane landed it was 80 degrees.  I had never been to a tropical island before.  Everything was different.  The cab driver was very friendly, as were the people, as were the clients, as were the merchants and so on.  Perhaps it was the sunshine and warm climate that made everyone friendly.  However, how there could be a simpler explanation, it could be Spanish culture .

Work in Spanish culture

At the client, instead of working my usual twelve hour day, we finished work at 3:30 pm in the afternoon.  I was working for the Government Development Bank of Puerto Rico.  The people there were quite intelligent, however they wanted to balance their work live with their family with life. the therefore the date ended at a reasonable time . I would say they were wise and intelligent.

What I did with my time in Puerto Rico

I walked back to the hotel and by 4:00 pm I was on the beach or laying in a hammock reading a book and listening to the Caribbean sea.  I had never been so relaxed in my entire life.  In the evening, I walked to the old town and talked to some of the merchants in the center.  They were all very friendly. The most common stone on the Island is larimar, it is a blue stone. I think I bought a simple stone cross. I think the place in the world you can find larimar is we in the Caribbean islands .

The Spanish language

The language of Puerto Rico of course is Spanish.  I would estimate over 90 percent of the island was native Spanish speakers.  Although Puerto Rico is technically port but United States of America, it is clearly Spanish.

I do not know if the food in poor Rico was healthy , but it sure tastes good .  And I think it could be certainly no worse than the overly processed food by had been accustomed to back home .  It was mostly such things as fried bananas beans fish and numerous spicy things .

The music and Puerto Rico was distinctly Caribbean.  It was written make and Spanish .

Overall my first trip to Puerto Rico was a wonderful memory. I would love to go back.  One thing I loved the most about this Caribbean Island was it was not commercial. It was for the people.  It was not an over developed tourist resort. The island of Puerto Rico is one more reason for me to continue to learn the Spanish language.

Why are you not living in Spanish Puerto Rico

I live in Europe now. I often mentioned to my wife you ever get tired of these cold and snowy winter’s we can take a half for your vacation and learn Spanish. I think it important to rent in Puerto Rico is relatively inexpensive compared to that but Europe or in fact, it you don’t have to go to in all those, I can’t think of a good reason why would not want to live in Puerto Rico.

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