Months in Spanish

The purpose of this post is to:

  • Give you a days of the Spanish months word list.
  • Quiz you on the days of the month in Spanish.
  • Give you some history about this vocabulary.

Spanish months word list

Enero is January
Febrero is February
Marzo is March
Abril is April
Mayo is May
Junio is June
Julio is July
Agosto is August
Septiembre is September
Octubre is October
Noviembre is November
Diciembre is December

The preposition in for Months in Spanish

If you want to say in a month, such as in December or in November you say, en diciembre or en noviembre.

For example,:

  • Christmas is in December.  Or in Spanish – La Navidad es en diciembre is Christmas is in December.
  • It is cold in November. Or in Spanish – Hace frío en noviembre is it is cold in November in Spanish.

I think it is clear, the point is the preposition en is use when you say a the months in Spanish. Try to take the vocabulary quiz below.

Spanish Months Quiz

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

How did you do?  Do this quiz until you get 100%, really.  I am a big believer in memorization to learn a language.

Spanish months are almost just like English

The History of Spanish months

Note how the English and Spanish calender are almost the same, this is because the months all from Latin.

Enero – Spanish like in English both from classical the Latin language word januarius.  This is a derivative from Janus who was a God with two faces that could see the future and the past. I think I would prefer to see the future myself.

Febrero – English and Spanish sahre a comon origin for thei month which is again from Latin.  februarius mensis, which is the month of purification from Latin (perhaps a Sabine word). It certainly is cold enough for purity.

Marzo – Again a Latin, word which Spanish and English adopted.This is in honor of the God of war of course Mars.

Abril – From Latin aprilis; and from aprire which is like to bloom and open.  I guess in the mediterrainian March showers brings May flowwers.

Mayo – A Spanish and English commonality from the Latin word maius. This word comes from Maia, the eldest of the Pleiades, daughter of Atlas and Pleione.

Junio – From the Latin goddes Juno, where the month was iuniu.  Looks like a Latin case to me.

Julio – Remember Julius Caesar? well the Latins had iuliu. Also Jupiter.  So Spanish and English use this month also.

Agosto – From the Roman emperor Octavian, hence Augustus.

Septiembre – is simply from the Latin number seven.

Octubre – Eigth Month from the Latin number.

Noviembre – The ninth month  it was almost changed to exaperatorius.

Diciembre – Like ten in Latin.

So you see then that the months in Spanish as the months in English all came from the Romans.  Even though Spanish is a Romance language and English is not, England was occupied by the Romans.  Whereas Spanish is more a dialect and direvative of ancient Latin.

Let me know if I can add anything to this post as I am learning Spanish myself.  I am putting these post together as I learn.

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