Spanish pronouns

Spanish pronouns

The purpose of this post is to explain the ten Spanish pronouns. I also have an online quiz at the end of this post.  Pronouns are important in most languages, however, in the Spanish language subject pronouns are not as important as in English.

You do not need pronouns in Spanish. Yes this is right. When speaking Spanish you do not need pronouns because the verb endings change and therefore it is clear what is the subject of the sentence.

To an English speaker this may sounds funny but it is true. You would only use a Spanish pronoun when you want to emphasis something. Like in the sentence, ‘You’ are the one who helped me with Spanish grammar. This means I really want to say it is you, yes you that really helped me.

Now here is something interesting, I actually do use Spanish subject pronouns. Why? I do not speak Spanish that well and I make mistakes conjugating Spanish verbs. Therefore, my listeners get confused easily. I might mix up a verb ending and they think ‘we’ should go to bed instead of “i” should go to bed.  Therefore, for me its safer to use subject pronouns in Spanish.

However, it is not really the way native Hispanic speakers talk. Further, I take a lot of flack for speaking Spanish this way. I think I can break this ha

Spanish pronoun list

Singular pronouns
I = yo
you (familiar) = tú
you (formal) = usted
he = él
she = ella
Plural pronouns
we =nosotros (men and/or women)
you (plural, you all) (familiar) = vosotros (men and/or women)
you (plural, you all) (formal) = ustedes (men and/or women)
they (men and/or women) = ellos
they (women) = ellas

Pronoun word list just in Spanish


Hispanic pronoun quiz

  1. I
  2. You
  3. You – formal
  4. He
  5. she
  6. We
  7. You all
  8. You all – formal
  9. They
  10. They – females

The Latino language is new for me.  I live in Europe but am American and I do not live in a Spanish speaking country, however, I have traveled and love the Spanish language.  If you have any ideas how to improve this lesson on pronouns let me know, or leave a comment in any regard.  I wanted to keep this lesson short and clear to reduce frustration and clutter as there are many pages on the web that are all clutter..  I think to learn a language you need to make small steps, with clear information,  and take a break and come back at another point in time.

My favorite sounding Spanish pronouns is 'nosotros'. Do you remember what 'nosotros' is in Spanish?

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