Kinesthetic Spanish language learning

Spanish Kinesthetic language learning

Kinesthetic learners or tactile learners can learn Spanish in a very innovative way. This post will give you an idea how to speak the Spanish language in a way not usually described in books or class rooms, even if you are not a kinesthetic learner.

Rather than watching or passively listening this style of intelligence is more of a physical action style. It is estimated about 15 % of the population learn by doing.  I think it is more and more a continuum of course rather than and either/or.  That is we do a little of each type of learning.  However, the 15% represents those who primarily learn this way.

These people use phrases like ‘I see myself doing that’ rather than simply ‘I see’ for visual learners or ‘I hear you’ for audio learners. Socrates’ guiding rule was ‘know thy self’, and this can be applied to learning Spanish of course.

kinesthetic language learning with giant Hispanic puppets

Puppets to learn Spanish

How can you learn Spanish in a kinesthetic way?  The methods using puppets or dolls to learn Spanish.  Even finger puppets will work.  This is particularly good with kids, but anyone can do this. I  know you think it sounds silly, but I am a teacher and It works.  You do not have to get into the details of language learning or theory of how to learn.  The most important point is there are three main types of learners. The three types of learners are visual learners, auditory learners and those who learn by doing or Kinesthetic learners.

Mexican puppets used for Kinsethetic Spanish

The truth is we are all a combination of all three.  This breakdown into classifications is just a conceptual framework for educators to classify different ways people get new information into their brain.

I think puppet learning is about all three.  Further it adds the idea of play into learning.

Role playing or Plays with Spanish puppets for Kinaesthetic learning

What you can do is buy some puppets and perform a play in Spanish.  That is, what is your favorite play? Plays by Miguel de Cervantes or Federico García Lorca. I do not think you want to act out Lorca’s ‘Blood wedding’ in Spanish with kids. However, this is if you are an adult language learner and would get equally board with some Latina fairytale.

If you are worried about the language you can find modern translations of these Poems so they are in Modern easy Spanish.  You can also simply act out something that you like with puppets.

You might want to do role playing with puppets.  Simple role playing like hello, how are you?  In Spanish, fine thank you, in Spanish etc.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for accelerated Spanish learning.   Between Audio, visual and kinesthetic learning, the last is the least used but very important.  Think about how many times when you are learning to do something you need to go through the motions first, then the know how, becomes apparent.

Spanish puppet show

Or to put it another way, how many of you out there really read all the instructions for setting something up or putting something together,like a toy. Learning Spanish with kinesthetic methods is similar.

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