Spanish swear words

Swear words in Spanish

This post will tell you how to use Spanish swear words and why people use them (it is not for the reason you think).  At the end,  I will give you a nice clean, uncluttered printable list of Spanish swear words. However, this list is PG rated list of words, that means, it has no really, horrible bad Spanish language words. They are more dirty words than cuss words. However, if you use them ways to use  in a creative way that could be a little bad. Therefore it is different than every other list you see as it is how to swear with class.

Most sites just give you a vulgar list of  Spanish words online.  However, there is often too much noise on websites and the list are not the most important words, but just plain rude.  You will not get anything disgusting from this website.  I give you well chosen phrases you can pull out and  offend someone, but not too much, maybe a couple are offensive slightly but most are rather funny.  I will first write about swearing and then maybe give you a Latino swearing  list of phrases .  However, read my post first as its interesting and will enrich your understanding of the language.

I do not curse myself and do not recommend anyone should.  Then why the heck and I writing this post? Read on.

Freudian reason for why people swear

People swear the things they are repressing.  For example, if they have no respect for religion but unconsciously desire to have spiritual fulfillment they take the Lords name in vain, I would call this literally a curse.

An example of this repression is I have notice Swiss, who are very clean people use bathroom type swears a  lot, like a piece of…

The problem is almost nothing is sacred anymore and all the boundaries have been violated.  Therefore, what is the point.

Swearing in European and American culture

When I was growing up in America,  I was taught not to use foul language. In the old days I think they use to wash kids mouths out with natural soap or lemon juice or give them stinky cod liver oil.  It was that simple.  However, naturally I herd these words in school and made a quick association.  That is I noticed the kids that were swearing were the children with  strange behavior.  Either they related to others in an aggressive way, or were unhappy or were not as bright as others.

Therefore, without being told I came to associate swearing with people with low self confidence. This is the main reason, however, below I have detailed some other reason.

Why you might swear in Spanish

I personally liked euphemisms and substitute words and expressions like ‘oh fudge’ or ‘to heck with you’.  The are funny but express the point and best of all mostly innocent.

Why people swear in Latino

  • Shock value and attention getting. However, this in my mind is lack of creativity, as this means they do not have enough brain power to get attention in a more cavalier way.
  • Some people use them like others use commas, it is habit and a way to join two ideas in a sentence.
  • To offend someone, insults in Spanish. I think by using inappropriate language it will only bring you down to their level.  Always take the higher ground, because the person who loses their cool, loses.
  • It make them feel good and its fun.  OK Sometimes, if it is not too crass.
  • In bed – I think people do this as a deviant behavior to heighten arousal.   Some people believe this type of swearing is the highest form and the only acceptable form of swearing.  After all In Dante’s Purgatory, lust was the closet circle to heaven as it was excessive or misdirected love.  Well maybe that interpretation was culturally determined as it was written in a Latina country. If you swear in Spanish in the bedroom, maybe it is not that bad.

Types of dirty words in Spanish

  • Creative new swears – Can be funny if not too over the top.
  • Holy swears – for me who is someone how is faithful is the worst type of offense as it not only offends people, but is disrespect the One who gives all goodness in peace to their lives.
  • Naughty Spanish swears – Most acceptable bad language in the right context, but you could also be romantic and this might be a better solution.
  • Bathroom swears – Conjures up vulgar images I would not like in my imagination. Very primitive and people who use these are unconscious of it.
  • Insulting intelligence swears – If someone is not as smart as you teach him otherwise, that is to be smart or blame yourself for not having the brains to help him.

Spanish swear words

Here is my list of Spanish swear words and phrases. These are different than slang with very vulgar meaning, I do not want that on my site or to promote that, therefore I tried to keep the list clean.  I hope you use this with tact and in the right measure.  This list is great because it is all PG rated words. No really bad Spanish language, that is not obscene, but none the less, effective if use with emotion and gestures.  Here is the list of downloadable  Spanish swear words you can print, so you can just memorizes them and not have to fumble through a dictionary for a translation, the next time you want to insult some bloke on the street.

Why profanity is not a great way to start to learn the Spanish language

The reason is simple, if you swear in a language then people will get turned off and not help you is Hispanic swears fly out of your mouth.  Your objective is to represent our English culture as positive to people from Madrid, Spain to Mexico city, Mexico to Lima or any other South American city. You will learn most of the other swear words in Spanish anyway.

Let me know if you know of any innocent Spanish bad words (I now its almost an oxymoron) and leave a comment please.

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tat i sí no estoy tan seguro de que esto es completamente cierto que puede hablar Español e Inglés, porque soy de la escuela secundaria y me puedo sentar en una mesa con gente de habla española porque me han enseñado poco a poco palabrotas y las palabras desagradables todos i el tiempo no saben que el idioma por completo, pero sé lo suficiente como para mantener una conversación .=)

That is good. I try not to put hard swear words in Spanish as language is an outward expression of who we are. Words have meaning both to the speakers and the listener.

I teach in Spain and even children as young as 8 swear in class. I don’t get it, it gets on my nerves, and I call them out for it. It’s ordinary and trashy; the kids think they’re just words, yeah, they are, but you won’t hear it in a place of worship. I’m tired of people cussing and using it constantly as a part of their vocabulary.

Mark Biernatsays:

Actually I agree. I do not use any swears myself and do not like it when other people swear in Spanish or any other language.

I ended here by accident. the list of swear words is more Latin Spanish than actual Spanish (and by it I mean the Spanish spoken in Spain, Europe).

In actual Spanish, (European spanish) the amount of swearing increase exponentially with the degree of familiarity one have with the other person.

The more familiar, the easier some words such as “jod_r” (put an e in where there is a _ )(as versatile as “f*ck”) or “mi_rda” (sh*t) pop up in everyday’s conversation.

When you intend to insult someone, it depends as much the expression and intonation as the selection of words. You may call someone “M_ricon_zo” (Put an a in where there is an underscore in the Spanish word before) (Big H_mo) with a big smile and a playful and aweful expression to express to a buddy your congratulations for an achievement. Say it with a sharp intonation between clenched teeth and forrowed brow and you will be in for a fight.

Mark Biernatsays:

Jordi thank you very much for the reply and your additions to my list of Spanish swear words.

Either way its good to learn so you do not look stupid when a Spanish person curses you out and assumes you dont know any better, or being able to know what theyre saying when two people are having conversation. its just being open minded, and those kids who know, blam their parents, I am pretty sure they use it, because when I am around Hispanic families, these are common conversations.

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